This Must Be How the Large Hadron Collider Looks Like Deep Inside

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This image wasn't photoshopped. Ian Hobson created it using his dryer machine and a modified laser projector. The result is how I imagine the Large Hadron Collider works deep inside—operated by Duck Dodgers, of the 24th and a half century.

"It was actually a fairly straightforward photo to make," Ian tells me, "the camera (Canon 7D) is on a tripod in front of the tumble-dryer drum, set to full manual mode (EXIF on Flickr), with the shutter being controlled by a remote release cable. The lens was focused on the back of the drum whilst the light was on, then set to manual focus to lock it, so that when the light was off, the lens didn't go hunting for focus again in the dark. Then the main light was switched off, so it was as dark as possible. At this point a modified pocket laser projector was shone into the back of the drum for a second or three, after which the camera shutter was closed. That was it."


He used this laser projector to create the effect, after exchanging the built-in laser for a brighter green one. The result is rather cool. [Flickr]