This Must Be The Most Uncomfortable Chair Ever

Illustration for article titled This Must Be The Most Uncomfortable Chair Ever

Screw comfort. At least, that's Stefan Zwicky's take on furniture design if his concrete chair is anything to go by: five pieces of concrete held together by steel rebar make for a striking, if numbing, piece of design.


A play on the iconic Corbusier LC-2 armchair, it is perhaps designed to make us reflect on industrialization or, as Design Boom puts it, express "the weight and cold nature of concrete". Or maybe it's just a concrete chair.

Anyway, it would actualy make a fine piece of outdoor furniture, especially in more inclement locations—because you'd never need to worry about keeping it dry. Just remember a cushion. [Stefan Zwicky via Swiss Miss]



Set it at the right place, because unless you have a friend coming over with a forklift, you're not gonna move this thing for a while :)