This Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Is Surrounded by Floodwaters

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The good news: Nebraska's Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Station is staying dry despite being surrounded by tremendous Midwestern flooding. The bad news: Nebraska's Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Station is surrounded by tremendous Midwestern flooding, and a history of safety mistakes.

Also unsettling, as Boing Boing's Maggie Koerth-Baker points out, is the fact that all our information on the plant's condition is coming from the plant's owner. Very, very recent history should remind us of why that's a terrible idea. Luckily, the plant's core has been cold since April, the facility is stocked with spare fuel, and the flood wall is holding thanks to mandatory upgrades due to aforementioned safety mistakes. But if water levels raise, things could go from dicey to disastrous—the same way water leakage blew the roof off of Fukushima. [Boing Boing, Photo: AP/Nati Harnik]