This Picture Is Actually a Drawing

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I know it's hard to believe but the picture you see above? It's not a photograph. It's actually a drawing by amazing artist Diego Fazio. Like he drew this super realistic picture with a real pencil. It's stunning.

Diego Fazio, a 22-year-old artist in Italy, originally was a tattoo artist and has developed an amazing knack for drawing photorealistic pictures. His picture above is more detailed and more impressive than any amount of megapixels. To learn more about Diego Fazio, check out his DeviantArt page here where you can see his other work.

And here's a picture of him working on the drawing above:

Illustration for article titled This Picture Is Actually a Drawing

[DiegoKoi via BuzzFeed]

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It's funny reading the comments. It goes to show that people will spout off about anything that they know nothing about and act like they do. This is called photo realism. Where the person or human acts like a photo copier. They recreate a picture pixel for pixel. Nothing more nothing less. It takes days upon days to achieve this effect, and remember this is a copy of photo. Not a life drawing. It's a photo copy. So Art? Well i'm not sure what anyone else's interpretation of art is, but mine isn't this. Art is a creative endeavor. One where the use of style is added into the work. Creating from nothing, inventing, drawing with passion from the mind. This is like a being a copy machine. Like literally. Now if you are an artist who's studied for years you know what it takes to achieve this. It takes time. Any artist who is talented can do this if they have the time to do this. Now i'm not taking anything away from the piece it's a marvelously photo copy. But i just don't see the point of art that can't be told apart from a photo. Which means the artist will never have an identity. It'll always just look like a photo copy.