This poor pimple-faced chum just landed himself in the slammer for attempting to shoplift this disgusting Miley Cyrus blow up doll. The retail price of the doll: $19.99. Verdict: Gross, and not worth the risk of getting your face plastered all over the Internet for trying to steal it.

Benjamin Greene, 22, was busted trying to steal the Finally Mylie! Love Doll from Spencer's Gifts. The doll, which is part of the Super Star Series from Pipedream Products, was apparently irresistible to the young chap. Here are some of the special features advertised on the box:

  • She's Young, Dumb, and Old Enough for Cum
  • Daddy's Little Stoner Is Ready For U To Bone Her
  • 3 Achey Love Holes

Not exactly the kind of thing you want to get busted for stealing. Or want anywhere near your person at any time, ever. Ew. [WYFF via Huffington Post via Twitter]


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