This Poor Robot Vacuum Has to Suck Fukushima's Radioactive Trash

iRobot's best known for the robots that clean your living room, not robots that clean crippled nuclear reactors. But they leant a hand to Japan's infamously infirm power plant for some very, very messy work.

The company sent four of their Warriors, ass-kicking, heavy-lifting robots made for hauling rather than dusting. Slap on some improvised vacuum cleaners, and you've got a decent way to get rid of radioactive sand and gunk that caked the plant's interior post-tsunami. And, you know, they won't get radiation poisoning in the process. As awful as the Fukushima crisis continues to be, perhaps a silver lining lies in our newfound faith in robots to clean up after our horrible human fuckups. [via IEEE Spectrum]

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