This Portable Charger Has Every Connector You'll Need, Even AC Prongs

At this point there are just as many portable chargers on the market as there are iPhone cases and Bluetooth speakers combined. But somehow Ventev has done the impossible by creating a portable charger that manages to improve on the near infinite number of designs that came before it, by adding built-in Lightning and microUSB cables, as well as AC prongs so it can be plugged directly into an outlet.

At $110 when eventually available in March of next year, the Powercell 10000+ is a little on the expensive side when it comes to portable chargers. But it packs a decent-sized 9,000mAh battery powerful enough to charge two devices at once—even a tablet—and has a small percentage display on top indicating how much battery life it's got left.


It can be connected directly to an AC outlet for charging without the need for a separate adapter thanks to a built-in set of prongs. And if its Lightning or microUSB connectors aren't exactly what you need, the Powercell 10000+ also has a USB port for plugging in and charging almost any other device. So even if you forget your charging cables on a trip, with this in your bag you won't have to worry about all your toys dying. [Ventev]

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