This Portable Charger Reminds You To Bring It Along on Busy Days

A portable charger can save your butt on days when your smartphone never seems to leave your hand—but only if you remember to bring it with you. So not only has Elgato packed 6,000 mAh into its new Smart Power battery, but Bluetooth and an accompanying iOS app as well, so that it can peek at your iPhone's calendar and automatically remind you to pack it on long, busy days.


The Bluetooth connection lets you monitor how much juice your portable charger has in reserve, right on your smartphone, and it can even trigger an audible alarm making it easy to find the Smart Power if you happen to misplace it. The calendar integration can also remind you when to charge the $100 battery (using a built-in USB cable) before you head off on a flight or a vacation, and while it works with pretty much any device that can charge over USB, it's unfortunately still up to you to remember to bring the right charging cable. [Elgato via Pocket-lint]

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