While not as popular as cars, monster trucks, or even planes, remote control tanks have become surprisingly complex and capable over the years, even to the point of actually firing plastic pellets. The No Network tank, however, doesn't fire at targets you can see. Instead, it's equipped with a wireless jammer that blocks cellular signals in a 20 to 50 foot radius around the tank, making it decidedly more dangerous... at least if you're waiting for an important call.

Designed and built by Julian Oliver, the tank seems like the perfect tool to ensure you're not interrupted when catching a movie. But you'll probably have a harder time sneaking this into a theater than watching a YouTube video on your phone right in the middle of a flick. Julian is also building GPS and Wi-Fi blocking versions of the tank, so he has an entire miniature squadron that guarantees peace and quiet wherever he goes. Just remember that jamming hardware like this is usually illegal in many parts of the world—while toys that fire plastic pellets are perfectly ok. [Julian Oliver via DudeIWantThat]


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