This Resident Alien Promo Is Just Alan Tudyk Riffing on How Weird Food Is

Tudyk and Corey Reynolds.
Tudyk and Corey Reynolds.
Screenshot: Syfy/YouTube

And, honestly, it’s pretty compelling.

Alan Tudyk is a funny guy, and his latest role, as the star of Syfy’s upcoming Resident Alien, seems to be well built to take advantage of his comedic strengths. Starring Tudyk as an alien who must blend in in a small Colorado town, it’s a perfect chance to play a fish out of water, gawking at all the weird human stuff in a dramatic, mildly hammy fashion.


In a new behind-the-scenes promotional clip released by Syfy, Tudyk gets to do some of that, entirely off the cuff. Here, he’s confronted with co-star Corey Reynolds with the important question: what would aliens think of human cooking?

The answer, of course, is that it’s very bizarre. And he’s not wrong. Honestly, a show about Alan Tudyk just riffing on how weird normal things are might also be a good idea, if Resident Alien tanks for whatever reason. Just saying.

Resident Alien premieres on January 27th on Syfy.

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Honestly, whoever first made cheese must have been super weird. “Okay, we drink the milk from this animal. But what if instead we didn’t drink it...and instead, like, put some other stuff in it and then, I don’t know, separate it and, like, make it turn solid. How about we do that? Then we can melt it and put it on bread!”

No wonder Jesus said “Blessed are the cheesemakers.”