This Rinsing Bowl Cleverly Includes a Colander

Illustration for article titled This Rinsing Bowl Cleverly Includes a Colander

Isn't this an ingenious design? This bowl has a moveable colander piece that folds in and out so you can wash and serve your fruit in the same piece.


The combination strainer/bowl is $15 from Umbra. It rolls two steps of meal prep into one smart kitchen gadget, while solving one of life's most grating—albeit boring—problems. Ever been rinsing off some fresh fruit and dropped a plump strawberry into the nasty depths of your sink's drain? Ugh, gross. It's the small things, really. [Umbra via BLTD]



Sometimes people create things that are so beautifully innovative that they are worthy of the expenditure of both money and natural resources. Some do a fantastic job of replacing many things in a way that's so beautifully elegant that you can't help but need to buy them.

Some are a fleece robe turned backwards and rebranded as a blanket with arms. This is a backwards robe with arms.