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Like the decidedly unsexy Depends underwear, Dear Kate underwear can hold lady liquid without getting ruined. The secret sauce is the thin wicking material that it's made of that can withstand three teaspoons. But unlike Depends, you won't be embarrassed when you strip to your skivvies.


Dear Kate, which is made by 25-year-old chemical engineering grad Julie Sygiel, uses performance fabrics so that pee, blood or whatever else that goes down down there won't ruin a pair of panties. It's backup for women. Dear Kate is made of three layers, absorbent and wicking inner layers and a leak resistant outer layer. Try as you might but these undies can help the 1 in 4 women who experience light bladder leakage on a regular basis and the 60% of women who overflow during their time of the month.

Check out how it works in the video to the side and find out more about Dear Kate here. [Dear Kate via NY Mag]


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