If you already loved rearranging furniture, this shapeshifting sofa will take your addiction to a whole new level.

At the Milan 2015 Furniture Fair this week, French designer Matali Crasset debuted her latest creation, which she dubs “The Self Made Seat.” (I like “The Optimus Prime of Sofas”, myself.) As you can see, this clever moveable has a fickle personality. You can make armchairs, foot rests, coffee tables, or whatever else your heart desires out of its 8 lightweight, portable foam blocks.

Best hidden benefit of a deconstructable sofa? Never having to hire expensive movers to haul your ungainly couch up and down three flights of narrow apartment stairs, ever again. For that reason above all others, I’m hoping this nifty creation hits the market soon. [Deezen]

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