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This Short Sci-Fi Thriller Shows a Quantum Experiment Gone Awry

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Would you follow your lover to a different dimension?

Entangled, one of the highlights from the Toronto International Film Festival's Short Cuts program, is an eerie, engrossing story that follows what happens when a scientist decides to conduct a quantum experiment on himself.

Like Shane Carruth's Primer, Entangled takes a sci-fi concept and grounds it in realism. The results are spellbinding and sad.


My only complaint is that the ending seems at odds with the scientific concept of entanglement. Then again, I am an English major and my knowledge of entanglement is...scant.

I'd like to see this concept treated to a full-length film version with more elaboration on how the experiment works and what comes after de-tangling.


Image credit: Screenshot via TIFF