This Simple Plugin Will Stop Websites from Tracking You

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Everywhere you go on the web, publishers and marketing agencies are trying to keep tabs on what your activity—primarily to fire targeted advertising in your direction. The Privacy Badger extension is a simple, effective way of taking control over the data you give away in your daily journeys across the internet.

Install the extension in Chrome or Firefox and you can click on its icon to see which trackers are present on the current website. (Note: You need to visit several pages before Privacy Badger kicks in.) Fortunately for the less technically astute, it does much of its good work automatically, so you don’t have to sift through any settings or configuration pages.


If you want to take manual control over whether trackers are blocked, allowed, or somewhere in between, you can do just that. And in situations where blocking code would break the current site, Privacy Badger tries to find some kind of compromise. For more on the extension and its inner workings, check out the FAQ page.