Being a parent isn't always a glamorous job—in fact, it rarely is. But you'll do anything for your kids, including serving as a human sled dog when you're out skiing and your spawn are too tired to forge through fresh powder, thanks to the Snowmule backpack.

Available in 15 and 25 liter capacities, the Snowmule packs can be used to carry a set of skis and a set of poles. And at the bottom of the pack are a set of stashable tow ropes with handles that can be used to pull a couple of 100 pound passengers behind you. It's kind of like water skiing—except it's real skiing, and the speeds are far less exhilarating.


But it should help mitigate the "I'm tired can we go home?" complaints, and that alone will make the $115 (15 liter) and $140 (25 liter) price tags completely worth it. [Snowmule via GearJunkie]