This Smart Crock Pot Makes Using a Slow Cooker Even Lazier

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Slow cookers are great because you can throw in your ingredients in the morning and by the time you get home from work dinner is done. But stuff happens, and sometimes you forget about that pot roast simmering away, and next thing you know you burn your meal and your house down. Enter the WeMo Smart Crock Pot to solve all your woes.


Like other WeMo smart appliances, the crock pot is controlled by a smartphone app. Need to change the temperature? Forget to turn the dang thing on? Want to set reminders for you need to be home to eat? You can do it all from your app. The pot goes on sale in March and will retail for $100. Who knew a crock pot could get lazier?


Eric J Wilborn

Last week our power flickered and caused our crock pot to turn off. Luckily my wife was home to see that and turn it back on. I considered plugged one of our WeMo Switches into the outlet but realized that would do no good... that'd turn the power on to the outlet but not make it actually turn on and cook on low power. I'd say this is less lazy and more practical.