This Smart LED Bulb Will Lull You To Sleep By Mimicking the Sun

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Sleep is important. It's so important that some people are willing to spend lots (and lots) of money so that they snooze better. Those people are likely to love the new Drift light by Saffron. This smart LED bulb is designed to improve sleep by casting warmer light and mimicking sunsets.

The makers of the Drift light say that its warm light is "indistinguishable from incandescent bulbs." By avoiding the blueish hues that some LED lights give off, the bulb is supposed to avoid suppressing melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. The Drift's real trick, however, is a simple dimming feature that works with existing light switches. Flip the switch twice, and the bulb will gradually dim over the course of 37 minutes, the average length of a sunset. This is supposed to ease you into a healthy, natural slumber.

Drift is currently available for preorder at a pricy $29 per bulb, though you can get them as cheap as $24 each if you buy ten. This price point puts them well above Gizmodo favorites like the Cree bulb, which sells for $10 a piece. But again, you can't put a price on good sleep—not that artificial sunsets necessarily guarantee that, but it's worth a shot. [Co.Design]