This Smartphone-Powered Microscope Now Even Works Underwater

Sometimes, you never knew you wanted something until someone drops it in your lap. That's exactly what Bodelin Technologies has done with their smartphone-powered ProScope Micro Mobile microscope. This genius little thing now works underwater.


Truth be told, the ProScope Micro Mobile has been around for a while, but this upgrade opens it up for a whole new host of uses. The device is now compatible with the Aquapac, an airtight case that enables you to take your device underwater.

Submerged or otherwise, the ProScope Micro Mobile offers 20x to 80x magnification with professional level glass optics. It also comes with adjustable LEDs for lighting and 5 hours of battery life. The microscope itself retails for $150, and the Aquapac is an extra $40.

But you're probably asking yourself: Who needs an underwater iPhone microscope? Well, according to Bodelin Technologies, marine biologists and corrosion engineers have been wanting a waterproof solution for a long time. Some experiments and research, it seems, work better in the wild.


But, if all else fails, this set up would add a new dimension to snorkeling with tropical fish. [Bodelin]

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