This Spectacular Stargazing Video Makes Me Want to Move Far Away From Big City Lights

Sure, the restaurants are great, and you’ve probably got a decent sports team to root for. But the bright lights of a big city mean that at night you can rarely see more than a few stars in the sky, and these stunning timelapses of the galaxy overhead will make you realize the spectacular show you’re missing every evening.


If you’re a stargazing enthusiast, you’ve probably traveled to a secluded spot as far away from the light pollution of big cities as you can find. That’s exactly what Adrien Mauduit had to do to capture the star-filled timelapses in his latest short film, Galaxies Vol. II. Except that Mauduit traveled to France, Switzerland, Spain, Iceland, Denmark, and Canada to find the darkness he needed. But as you can see, the results were totally worth all the effort.

[Vimeo via The Awesomer]


Data Chandler

Ok so I’ve never seen the milky way with my own eyes, and desperately want to, but this is all enhanced and photoshopped, right?

I mean, if and when I ever find myself somewhere in the middle of Wyoming at night, surely when I look up I won’t see shades of green and purple?

I thought what I would see was just pitch black sky, millions of stars, and the bright “band” of stars which is the milky way.

How right/wrong am I?!