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This Stop-Motion Build of the Lego Millennium Falcon Is Jaw-Dropping

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A screenshot from an absolutely incredible video.
A screenshot from an absolutely incredible video.
Screenshot: YouTube

Three years ago, I spent 34 hours building the biggest Lego set ever created: the Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon, which clocks in at 7,541 pieces. You may have even seen the video (and if not, you can watch it here). It was a fun but tedious and grueling experience. I mention this because what you’re about to watch blows what I did out of the water.

A Reddit user by the name of YaQuest22 posted a video called “Lego Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collectors Series Builds Itself Using the Force!” It’s the entire 7,500 piece Falcon build captured using stop-motion animation, which makes it look like it’s being built by itself. According to the builder’s comments, the project took five weeks and over 8,000 individual images. Wow. However, we think you’ll agree, the result is worth it. The original Reddit link is here but it was also uploaded to YouTube.

As someone who has built that set before, this video is both beautiful and will give me nightmares. Nightmares of pieces falling or sections not being connected well enough. The types of problems Lego builders encounter all the time. And yet, through the magic of editing and frankly a superhuman amount of skill and patience, the build has truly become a work of art.


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