This Stunning Steel Centerpiece Is Made from the Mountain It's Modeled After

Tucked amidst the Mont Blanc Mountain Range, the picturesque Aosta Valley is among the most pristine places on Earth. But rather than trek all the way to the Italian Alps, you can gaze upon the region's natural beauty through this 1:2193 scale stainless steel serving tray from Alessi.

Dubbed the Liconi by its designer, Pierfrancesco Cravel, this serving tray/centerpiece/bowl precisely matches the topography of Lake Liconi and the face of Gran Paradiso. The 18/10 steel used in its production was in fact mined from the Aosta region and the piece measures 35.2 x 23.5 x 8.8 cm in total. The centerpiece retails for $210 on Alessi.


Tinelot Wittermans / Wikipedia

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