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No matter how bad I feel for Alphie, this cat is stupid. He was rushed to the emergency room after eating a TV aerial antenna. This is what happened, according to the owner Vanessa Waite:

One night I heard a loud bang and went upstairs to investigate but I assumed Alphie had fallen off the window sill. He seemed okay and was just hiding under the bed. However, during the night he was being sick so the next morning I took him to the PDSA. It wasn't until later that I realised that one of the aerial antennas was missing from my TV.


Fortunately for him, the antenna got in on its smooth, rounded end, not the sharp broken one. Otherwise it would have been fatal, puncturing his internal organs. The veterinary believes that "the kitten had been playing with the antenna and inadvertently swallowed it". Alphie is happily recovering now. Six lives left, you dumbass! [Yahoo UK]


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