This Tiny Cocktail Arcade Is a Tiny Dream Come True

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Remember that 12-game mini arcade from a few months ago? It's already obsolete, thanks to this miniaturized, fully functional two-player cocktail arcade capable of playing thousands of games. Here's how Sam Seide made it, and how you can own it.


For all the talk of netbooks being dead, the fact that this runs off of an Asus (using Atomic FE Frontend Software and MAME for game emulation) instantly redeems the entire category. And if you think the build process described in the video is too arduous, don't worry! It's currently up for auction on eBay. Or maybe I should've kept that information to myself. [Make]


I owned a MAME cabinet for just over a year and ended up selling it. The first few months of ownership were great as I relived my favorite childhood arcade moments. Shortly after the cabinet simply became a showroom piece.

Sure I would play it when friends came over or when I was showing it to guests, but other then that, it just sat around and collected dust.

On a positive note, arcade cabinets pretty much keep their value. I made $150 profit when I sold mine.