Any Lego lover in the market for a new computer would want a system that stacks together into a compact brick. Even better, one whose case is made entirely of Lego. Rejoice, nerds, Total Geekdom’s Mike Schropp has heard your silent plea.

Schropp’s first saleable Lego build came out in March. At 4”x5”x5”, version 2.0 is not only quite a bit smaller than its (already pretty compact) predecessor, it features a colorful external hard drive module and a memory card reader, both of which fit together with the computer into a nerdgasmly slick, compact Lego system.

Like Schropp’s Mini Lego Computer, the new ‘Micro’ model is very customizable beneath the hood. The case houses a state-of-the-art Intel NUC computer, including all of the features that go along with the NUC (5th-gen Intel processors, up to 16 GB of memory, a SSD drive, AC wifi, USB 3.0, etc.)

You can read more about the build here, check out pricing for various system configurations here, or just longingly soak up some images right here.



[Total Geekdom]

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Images via Mike Schropp and reproduced with permission