This Tiny Wooden Speaker Turns Your Glasses Into Equalizers

Chances are you've used an equalizer before, and chances are there was a lot of blindly turning dials and hoping something good happened. The Timbre Speaker embraces exactly that kind of blind experimentation by using nothing but two glasses for its sound control.

Designed by industrial design student Casey Lin, the speaker appears to be just a wooden box with a volume knob on the front, and power and input in the back. But on the inside, surface transducers turn vibrate the box's wooden shell. The glasses—or whatever else you want to put on top—can morph and change the timbre of that sound, acting as physical equalizer.

From a practical perspective, it's pretty ridiculous; this is a pretty bad way to try to control the nuance of your sound. But it's less about getting the job done right, and more about getting it done in an interesting way. And it doesn't hurt that it also looks damn fine. It's only a concept, but it's a fun one, as long as you're not an audio control freak. [designbycl via Core77]

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Rodney McKay

I would just put some water in the glasses and watch the pretty ripple patterns.