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This Transforming Briefcase Turntable Is a Walkman For Your Records

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Just because you prefer the warm, crackly sound of vinyl records to MP3s doesn't necessarily mean you also like being tethered to a home stereo whenever you want to listen to your record collection. So Pyle has created this portable turntable that transforms into a briefcase for easy transport, and also includes a rechargeable battery powering a pair of flip-out speakers.


When opened up the $110 PVTTBT8 turntable can play 33 or 45rpm records through its included speakers without needing a permanent connection to a power outlet or an amp. But when you're looking for bigger sound, it does have the necessary connections allowing it to be wired into a home stereo, or connected to a computer via USB for digitizing your vinyl.


The turntable's speakers can also be used by other devices, even wirelessly. So your iPhone or Android mobile device can stream audio to it via Bluetooth, or connect directly using a line-in cable. The PVTTBT8 seems like the Walkman for vinyl enthusiasts that never was, but it might actually be better suited as a way to finally retrofit your car for playing records, as long as you're sure your vehicle's suspension is up to the task. [Pyle]