At just 38 pounds—including its electric motor and rechargeable battery—the creators of the Zinger claim their electric wheelchair is the world's lightest. It even folds flat just like a lawn chair, and while you won't want to have to carry it on a long walk to the beach, it's easier to toss into the trunk of a car than most non-powered wheelchairs.

With a top speed of about six miles per hour and a range of eight miles the Zinger isn't designed for those with permanent disabilities, but for those with occasional mobility issues. As a result, it's steered using a pair of joysticks found on either side, similar to a zero-radius riding lawnmower, and riders have to propel themselves backwards using their feet.


Available sometime this summer for a yet-t0-be disclosed price tag, the Zinger even comes fully assembled and ready to go right out of the box. And for novices who've never piloted an electric wheelchair before, a beginner's mode keeps the speed in check to ensure the rider doesn't lose control and end up requiring permanent use of the chair. [Zinger via Gizmag]