This Vending Machine Won't Give Up Your Beer Until You Tackle It

We've all smacked a vending machine at one time or another to free a snagged snack. But to encourage a bunch of rowdy rugby fans to choose its beer, Argentina's Cerveza Salta created a vending machine that has to be tackled before it will give up its goods.


And we're not talking a little bump or anything. After you insert your coins you need to hit the Rugbeer machine with some level of force before your beer will be dispensed. And if you're curious how your tackle measures up, where you'd normally find the drink selection buttons on the front of the machine is a power meter that indicates the strength of your collision. You'll get your beer as long as you reach the Chicken level, but we suspect most bar patrons will be focused squarely on reaching the Bull. [Cerveza Salta via PSFK]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I'm assuming it is somehow mounted to the floor so it can tilt but not be busted onto it's side?