This video about winter makes me feel colder than winter itself

It's 70 degrees where I am right now but I'm shivering. I have goosebumps all over my body and my teeth are chattering and I swore I just saw my own breath. I want to put on my winter coat and scarf and earmuffs and gloves. Why? Because I just watched this frigidly beautiful video directed by Oliver Würffell. It's about a trip he took to Wisconsin in December. It looks so cold that it makes me feel like I'm freezing when I watch it.


Everybody in the entire country is so over winter already but for us Californians, the still life of winter is always beautiful to see. It's pure, icy, cold and painted like the Christmas card from your imaginations. I apologize that you guys have to live through it but I'm thankful I get to see it (from my computer).

Würffell made this video during an annual family vacation. He went up to Wisconsin to see the Green Bay Packers play at Lambeau Field (also known as the Frozen Tundra). It looks beyond cold (Fahrenheit temperatures were below zero) but it looks so fun (for west coasters).

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