This Video Makes It Feel Like You're Teleporting Through Shanghai

Shanghai is a city that’s as chaotic and as busy as you’d expect from a place with a population of nearly 25 million people. This frenetic video, which runs through Shanghai as if it were teleporting all over the city, gives you a glimpse of what life is like beyond its iconic skyline and tourist attractions by focusing in on the local people of the city.

Shot by JT Singh, the video can get a bit dizzying but it’s a lot of fun to watch because the transitions come out of nowhere. Sometimes you’re going through a keyhole that opens up scenes in an alleyway, while other times it’s a phone’s screen that leads to a picture that leads to being inside a family’s home. Oh, and there’s a really cool sequence involving food too.

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I think you’re over complicating this video and Shanghai in general. Its not really that disorganized or that chaotic. Sure there’s lots of people, but I’d argue Morrocco, Rio or even Tokyo would feel far more chaotic than Shanghai. Hell when I lived their the city goes relatively dormant at night, save for a few hubs. There isn’t a whole lot left of the old quarters and most of the old city has been bulldozed over for expansive roads, sidewalks and buildings. Personally, I found Shanghai relatively boring compared to the interior cities. Now, Chongqing is a city I would call truly chaotic and complex!