This Video of Lion Hunting is Killer

Last month we brought you footage of an African painted dog pack taking down a pregnant impala. Today, we bring you lions hunting a baby buffalo.

Here's the thing: you can't plan this. When wildlife film documentaries go out into the bush trying to get good footage of something like lion hunting, it can take weeks. That's because not everywhere is accessible to vehicles, that's because not all lions so readily ignore those vehicles, that's because lions do quite a bit of hunting at night, and for a million other reasons. But when you're out in the bush every day livestreaming whatever animal behavior you can find, you sometimes get lucky.


The footage was filmed on Sunday, Nov 30, as part of Nat Geo WILD's "Safari Live" at Djuma Game Reserve inside Kruger National Park.

Djuma also runs its own livestreaming operation; they've got a webcam trained on one of their watering holes and you never quite know what you might see if you take a look.


That was pretty cool! I love watching the stuff on Nat Geo Wild, and every time they do stuff on lions I've not seen a hunt with 5 male lions. Usually it is the Female, and there is usually one adult male lion, with the ones who get their manes leaving to start their own prides. This is really neat to see. Also, watched the vids you linked (didn't see them last month) and I will say the camera/narrating could be better on the other vids, but hey I guess it's cause the cameras are mounted.