This Video Shows Why Photoshop Will Never Cease to Amaze Me

Or better said, the people using Photoshop would never cease to amaze me.

The thing I like the most is the way he paints in greyscale and then modifies colors using the Hue & Saturation panel. The use of the Liquify tool to adjust the volumes is really smart too—and quite effective, I've to add. Even if he traced the photo at the beginning, his shading skills are impressive.

Note: before playing, turn off your volume and play some other music. Trust me, you don't want to destroy the bliss of watching this time lapse with the video's soundtrack. [Buzzfeed]

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As a former animator, there's something that really bothers me about that. His initial sketch is spot on. Every line, fold, wrinkle and more is just spot on and perfect, with minimal to no editing. I don't doubt that it's possible — I know people who are that good — but part of me really feels the need to call shenanigans. Although, I'm not sure where to call them at.

I think my problem is this: for a guy to have that much talent, why illustrate something so... dull? She's pretty, granted, but the pose/situation and lighting are all bland and lifeless. It's like he's painting a picture he took with a cellphone. He can create photorealistic work, but it's that? And then he ends the picture with Photoshop's default render clouds and a really bad alpha channel layer on top of that?

Maybe I'm wrong. I wish I could see a full ress version of the image so I could "Yep, I eat my words." Something about it just doesn't quite sit right with me though. It almost feels like it was elaboratly staged, filmed backwards in parts, edited to look just right in the end.

Nobody with that level of talent would use render clouds for a backdrop. They'd have pride.