So you may have noticed, dear commenters, that when you move onto the second page of comments, they're mostly collapsed. What's the deal with that? Well, now, when you move onto the second page of comments, the only expanded comments will be those written by star commenters and those written by your friends. Want more of them to be expanded? I have two simple solutions for you. The first is to use the "Expand All" link right at the top of the comments. There was previously a bug that caused this link to not work. It is now fixed. Simply click this and all the comments will be expanded and easy to read. Bingo bango. The second option is to add more friends. Like what certain commenters have to say? It's pretty easy to just click the little heart icon under their name to start following them. Once you do that, their comments will always be expanded for you to read, enjoy and respond to. As for star commenters, stars are doled out by the staff to our favorite commenters. Want a star? Write better comments, and you'll probably get one. You'll probably get more followers as well! Funny how that works. Don't ask for a star, by the way; that's just tacky. I hope that clears things up a bit. And thank you, as always, for commenting. Writing for Giz would be no fun without you.