A relative newcomer to the watch scene, Breva Geneve popped up last year with its first offering, the Genie 01, which put a whole weather station on the wearer's wrist powered by an ingenious mechanical barometer inside. This year the watchmaker is back with its second piece, the Genie 02 Terra, which adapts the same mechanism inside the Genie o1 for displaying the altitude instead.

The mechanism making it all possible is centered around a pair of sealed metal aneroid capsules that expand and contract based on the air pressure which is constantly changing based on the altitude. The actual mechanics aren't terribly complicated, but finding the perfect metal alloy to accurately indicate the current altitude at the top of the watch face is what makes the Genie 02 Terra so unique. And, of course, expensive.

Available soon in a very limited run of just 55 pieces, the Genie 02 Terra will sell for $132,000 which means that Breva Geneve is probably more targeting collectors with this new design, instead of avid mountaineers. [Breva Geneve via A Blog To Watch]