This Website Will Turn Your Photos Into Crayon Mosaic Masterpieces

Looking for a new and unique way to share your Instagram shots with the world? A company called Color.Works now offers a unique alternative to simply having your digital photos printed: it will instead turn them into elaborate mosaics hand-assembled from thousands of colored crayons.


Given each crayon represents a single pixel, and crayons are much larger than the tiny dots that make up your smartphone’s display, the resolution of Color.Works creations won’t be nearly as sharp. But from a distance it’s easy to make out what image is being formed by the colorful wax mosaic. (Hint: It’s the Mona Lisa.)

The artists who hand assemble the mosaics have a color palette of 137 different shades of crayons to work with, which is also a far cry from the millions of colors most LCD displays can reproduce, but the low-fi aesthetic is certainly part of the charm here. Plus, everytime you look closely at it, you get to experience the intoxicating smell of crayons that you probably haven’t encountered since you were a kid.

There’s a bunch of pre-made artworks available on the Color.Works website which start at $69 for a simple six-inch design created from 195 crayons. But if money is no object, you can order a custom creation, from any image you want, as large as 37x55-inches in size. Since that requires upwards of 15,000 crayons to complete the design, you’ll be spending $3,229 for your masterpiece, so just make sure you keep it well clear of open flames, heaters, or anything that could cause it to melt away.



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