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This week, VUDU has 63 new HD movies and 7 new titles available on HDX. That's a pretty big fall off from last week's release 63 HDX movies alone. Hopefully VUDU won't lose too much momentum on their Blu-ray-challenging digital format. Here's the full list:HD:

Chariots of Fire Little Shop of Horrors The Devil's Advocate Enter the Dragon A Clockwork Orange Bonnie and Clyde Malibu's Most Wanted Space Jam Purple Rain Rebel Without a Cause Blazing Saddles The Green Mile Under Siege Black Caesar American Buffalo The Apartment Beach Blanket Bingo The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension! China Moon Bad Influence Beat Street Bowling for Columbine Bright Lights, Big City Beach Red The Eye 3 The Baby's Room The 24 Hour Woman The Forbidden Kingdom Dragon Wars Resident Evil Son of Rambow P.S. I Love You Darfur Now Rest Stop: Don't Look Back (Uncut) Sex and the City (Extended Version) Quest for Camelot 2010: The Year We Make Contact Beetlejuice The Bonfire of the Vanities The Client Cool Hand Luke Deliverance Demolition Man Fallen Hard to Kill Heartbreak Ridge Love in the Afternoon The Road Warrior The Man with the Golden Arm The Man with Two Brains Ocean's Twelve Singles Strange Brew Tango and Cash A Time to Kill Tin Cup Under Siege 2: Dark Territory The Missing The Queen The Wild The Happening The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning



The 24 Hour Woman Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights Sex and the City (Extended Version) Bad Influence Beat Street The Wild The Happening

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