This Week's Best Apps

Kyle VanHemert and Casey Chan

In this week's app roundup: videos, easily edited; home screens, three-deed; baseball games, tracked; Airplay, iOSified; words, defined by touch; websites, made in 60 seconds; pictures, transformed to 8-bit, and much much more.

The week's best iPhone apps


Vimeo: It's Vimeo videos finally available in app form for the iPhone. If you're familiar with Vimeo, and you should be, you know what you're getting: a lot of professional quality videos, gorgeous time lapses, interesting movies, and just higher quality videos than the norm. But the thing that sets Vimeo app even farther ahead of the pack is that it has a simple video editing feature too. Yeah, it's sorta like a dumbed down version of iMovie but it's completely free! You can add titles and transitions, stitch clips together and even throw in a soundtrack. Free

The week's best Android apps

SPB Shell 3D: It's a pretty slick 3D interface for your Android home screen. It's kind of gaudy, which 3D tends to be, but is similar to taking the webOS card interface and flipping it into another dimension, which is pretty futuristic looking! There's also support for smart folders and 3D widgets too. Just watch the video to get a feel for how it transforms your phone into a 3D interface. $15 though.

The week's best iPad apps


AirFrame: It enables AirPlay video and photo streaming between iOS devices, so you can stream media from your iPhone to iPad or iPad to iPhone or iPad to friend's iPad and so on and so on. Basically, whatever works with AirPlay to AppleTV should work perfectly to another iOS device. $2

We are so crazy about apps right now you wouldn't believe it. If you have recommendations, tips, or just want to let us know about your own app, drop a note in the comments or shoot me an email.


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