​This week's DVDs wants to help with your last-minute shopping

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Still haven't found gifts for all your loved ones? This week's DVDs and Blu-ray releases are here to help. You'll find plenty of last-minute gift ideas, that range all the way from Matt Damon in a cybersuit to Bronies!



In the future, rich people really, really hate poor people, and Matt Damon tries to break into the rich people's space station to save his kids and, to a lesser extent, the world. The extras are mostly divided between the DVD and the Blu-ray, so if you want them all, you have to buy the combo pack.

Kick-Ass 2

A.k.a. Kick Harder. A group of new heroes join Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl, but the Crimson Mist returns with his own group of supervillains. Comes with your standard array of extras.

Predator 3D


The scifi classic gets 3d-ized. To be honest, you haven't lived until you've seen Jesse Ventura's "Sexual tyrannosaurs" speech in 3D.

Indiana Jones


The three Indiana Jones movies will be re-released tomorrow for people who need quick gifts with very little thought behind them.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters


Percy and pals quest for the Golden Fleece in this movie you long ago decided whether or not to give a shit about.

The Lone Ranger


More like The Groan Ranger, amirite? Huh? Huh? Oh, hush, it's not like the movie deserves any better.

The Beast Within


An 18-year-old is surprised to discover his dad is an unholy swamp beast, and he's about toi become one too.

Greek Gods, Heroes & Monsters


The History Channel's three-disc documentary on the tales of Greek mythology, using period art, writings and archaological footage. Has anyone seen it to tell us if it's any good? I'm skeptical.

Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony


Actr John de Lancie's Kickstarted documentary about the adult fans of Friendship Is Magic. As fair a representation as Bronies are likely to get.

Alien Uprising


Jean-Claude Van Damme earns a paycheck for a brief cameo in this terrible film that sounds like it should be a generic videogame from the early '90s.



A cheap family movie designed to cash in on the massive critical and commercial success of Cowboys Vs. Aliens. I'm sure that worked out great for them.



Working at a video rental place I still can't believe how many customers asked for Lone Ranger when it wasn't out yet.

The moment it was up on the shelf someone rented a BluRay.

I kinda want to see it now. For free and getting paid while doing that... why not?