The subtle art of the humblebrag, a twitter conceit so well-received that they've actually made a book out of it. Not familiar? Let the cast of Parks and Rec educate you.

Full video below; and honestly isn't getting the cast of the funniest show on TV to promote your book the humblest brag of all?


-It was fall premiere week as the big four networks all debuted new comedies.

-Modern Family and Louis C.K. won a bunch of Emmys.

-IFC cancelled its quirky game show Bunk.

-We interviewed Irish stand-up David O'Doherty, American stand-ups Gabe Liedman and Demetri Martin, and had Adam Pally and Gil Ozeri from Happy Endings interview each other.


-We held a roundtable with several leading black comedians about humor in the "post-racial" Obama era.

-We dove deep into Lorne Michaels's aborted attempts to base a reality show around Saturday Night Live's casting process.

-We told you the 10 Comedians on Instagram You Should Be Following.

-We followed @MrEmilyHeller on Twitter.

-We explored Chris Elliott's unaired sketch show Chrissy: Plain and Simple, Myq Kaplan and Micah Sherman's musical comedy record Please Be Seated, the stand-up documentary Alone Up There, profane British sitcom The Thick of It, the web series "Lady and the Damp," and Jerry Minor's short-lived stint on Saturday Night Live.


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