This Week's TV: Nathan Fillion saves America from weird science!

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This week on television, Nathan Fillion's Castle joins the CIA, to save America from an international conspiracy. And Ridley Scott explains just how Isaac Asimov changed the world, in Prophets of Science Fiction. Plus Ben Edlund writes a new Supernatural, and there's an especially heartbreaking Adventure Time.


Check out clips from most of this week's new episodes below — including five Castle clips.


The season finale of Adventure Time airs at 7:30 PM, on Cartoon Network. Yes — it's way too soon, it feels like the season just started. Here's what to expect:

In this special episode, Jake goes on a fiery solo mission to mend his best friend's broken heart that will leave fans begging for the new season.

And that's followed at 8 PM by a special Valentine's Day-themed Regular Show ("Butt Dial"), and a new Mad at 8:30. A clip from Adventure Time is above, and here's a Regular Show clip:

Also at 8 PM, there's another new episode of House, featuring a nun who needs risky surgery.

Then at 9 PM, there's a brand new Alcatraz on Fox, "Paxton Petty." Who's our time-traveling creep this time around? Find out here:

When our unlikely trio tracks former inmate Paxton Petty (James Pizzinato), a sick landmine bomber who has returned only to place bombs throughout populated areas of San Francisco, methods of the past are applied to the present.

We've already gone past "bank robber" and "serial killer" into "landmine bomber."

Also at 9 PM, there's another new episode of Being Human on Syfy, "Addicted to Love." Watch a sneak peek at left, in which "Aidan and Suren's love affair heats up while Sally gets tangled in her own love triangle."


This week's Castle ("Pandora") sounds like it's going to be a lot more science fictiony than the usual crime-solving fare. At least, according to Entertainment Weekly, the "international conspiracy" that Castle investigates has to do with a scientist who's developed a theory that could shake the entire world. This is the first half of a two-part story — and apparently, next week Castle is racing to stop the destruction of America as we know it. Also, Jennifer Beals from Flashdance guest stars as a CIA agent who has a complicated past with Castle — she was the inspiration for a character in his novels, before he met Beckett. That's on ABC at 10 PM. Here are five sneak peeks:

Syfy has a brand new (to Americans) episode of Lost Girl at 10 PM, "Dead Lucky."


At 7:30 PM, Cartoon Network has a new episode of The Amazing World of Gumball, "The Curse." That's followed at 8 PM by a brand new Level Up. Check out a clip from Gumball at left.

And then at 9 PM, there's another episode of The River, "Los Ciegos." In which:

When the whole crew of the Magus goes blind due to spores from a tree, lone holdout AJ will have to overcome his most paralyzing fear to find a cure before the blindness becomes permanent. Meanwhile, the local Morcego tribe stalks the crew and judges whether they are worthy to stay in the jungle. If they are deemed unworthy, the consequences could be fatal.


Check out a sneak peek. I'm kind of intrigued to see how they'll do a "found footage" episode where pretty much everyone is blind. Also, a bit nervous about the "local tribe" stuff. Fingers crossed!

Also at 9 PM, National Geographic has another episode of Doomsday Preppers, "Back to the Stone Age."


At 10 PM, CBS has a new episode of Unforgettable, in which once again a cop's superhuman memory comes in handy.

At 10 PM, Science has a new Monster Bug Wars.


At 7:30, Cartoon Network has a new Johnny Test, "Johnny's Treasure." That's followed at 8 by a new Ninjago. Also at 8 PM, Nicktoons has another new Dragon Ball GT, "The Battles Within."


And then at 10 PM, there's the midseason premiere of Ridley Scott's Prophets of Science Fiction on Science, focusing on Isaac Asimov. According to the series website:

He saved the future from Evil Robots! Faced with a sci-fi tradition where robots exist only to torment their human creators, Isaac Asimov dreamed a better future where we need not fear our own technology. With his breakthrough sci-fi story collection, I, Robot, Asimov laid the ground rules for robo-behavior both in fiction and perhaps one day in real life.

With stories like Robbie and Runaround, Isaac Asimov wrote of a future where mechanical men can do our jobs for us. His ideas inspired General Motors to create Unimate (the first industrial robot) and paved the way for the widespread automation of modern industry.

In The Naked Sun, Asimov warns that mankind will attempt to use robots as tools of warfare. Today, increasingly advanced robotic soldiers wage war on the front lines of the modern battlefield.

Asimov's Bicentennial Man foretells the merging of man and machine with the advent of transhuman technology. Today, bionic limbs implanted smart chips, and even strength-enhancing robotic exoskeletons indicate that Asimov's age of the transhuman is upon us.

He's now regarded as the father of robotics. Isaac Asimov's amazingly prolific body of work - over 500 books - set the stage for a robo-friendly world. Today, droid doctors save lives performing delicate spinal surgery, and automaton astronauts repair orbital stations in the vacuum of space. And it all started with Isaac Asimov's futuristic vision: a robot in every home.



There's a new Vampire Diaries at 8 PM on The CW, "All My Children." Yes, they're really embracing the "soap opera" thing. Here's what happens:

After starting her day with a startling discovery of Damon's (Ian Somerhalder) latest indiscretion, Elena (Nina Dobrev) is frustrated to find that none of her friends agree with her on how they should react to the Original family's internal power struggle. Once again caught up in the destiny of the Bennett witches, Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Abby (guest star Persia White) find themselves playing a part in a ritual to appease the spirits of nature. When Elijah (guest star Daniel Gillies) gives Damon and Stefan (Paul Wesley) a dangerous ultimatum that puts Elena in danger, they turn to Alaric (Matt Davis) and Meredith (guest star Torrey Devitto) for help with a plan that leads them to a terrible choice.


Here's a sneak peek!

Also at 8 PM, there's a new episode of The Big Bang Theory on CBS, "The Rothman Disintegration."


And a third option at 8 PM: There's another new Dragon Ball GT on Nicktoons, "Beginning of the Day."

And then at 9 PM on the CW there's a new Secret Circle, "Return." In which:

Cassie (Britt Robertson) is stunned when a notoriously evil figure from her past shows up on her doorstep (guest star Joe Lando, "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman"). However, her surprise quickly turns to suspicion when he asks her to return the medallion she found in the wreckage of the fire that killed their parents. Cassie storms off but is captured by Eben and his band of witch hunters. Jake (Chris Zylka) offers to trade himself for Cassie's freedom and when Adam (Thomas Dekker) realizes they're in trouble he calls the Circle. Meanwhile, Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Diana (Shelley Hennig) are concerned when Melissa starts spending more time with Callum (guest star Michael Graziadei).


Watch a sneak peek!

Also at 9 PM, there's a new Person of Interest on CBS, "Blue Code." Here's what's up:

Reese discovers there's more to the story after he infiltrates a smuggling ring to get close to his latest POI.


At 10 PM, FX has another new Archer, "Lo Scandalo."


Cartoon Network is showing another new Secret Mountain Fort Awesome at 4:30 PM.

At 8 PM, The CW has another new Nikita, "Origins." In which we're actually going to find out how Division got started:

Nikita (Maggie Q) and Michael (Shane West) try to help Carla (guest star Erica Gimpel) remember her past, which holds the key to taking down Division. Carla recounts the night Nikita was arrested and Nikita is stunned at what she learns. Meanwhile, Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) shows up at a Zetrov press conference where Semak (guest star Peter J. Lucas) is speaking and announces that she's Alexandra Udinov.


Also at 8 PM, Cartoon Network has two back-to-back episodes of Generator Rex, "Mind Games" and "Hermanos." (That means no new Star Wars: The Clone Wars, sadly.) In these episodes: "Circe joins Rex and co. at the Plant, but she's acting very strange." and "Rex learns that he's inherited a farm in South America, and brings Noah, Claire, and Annie along to check it out."

And at 9 PM, The CW has another Supernatural, called "Repo Man." And it has those four so-crucial words attached to it: "Written by Ben Edlund." Here's the synopsis:

Four years ago, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) helped a woman named Nora (guest star Nicole Oliver) exorcise a demon that was systematically killing women in a small town. They managed to save the postal worker, Jeffrey (guest star Russell Sams), while vanquishing the demon but now it seems the black-eyed monster has reared his ugly head and returned for a second helping. The brothers visit Jeffrey, who has been locked in a psych ward since the incident, to see if he can remember any of the demon's plans while he was possessed.


And behold a sneak peek!

A Gifted Man moves to its new time slot at 9 PM on CBS, with "In Case of Co-Dependents." It seems like this show is just medical mysteries now:

When a spoiled pop star comes to Holt Neuro experiencing unusual symptoms, and a young girl at the Clinica exhibits similar symptoms on the same day, it forces both teams of doctors to try and piece together their common link.

Meanwhile, at 9 PM, Fox has a new episode of Fringe, "A Better Human Being." In which we follow up on the "Olivia is remembering stuff she shouldn't" storyline. Here's the synopsis:

As the Fringe team investigates a mentally ill patient who appears to be connected to a series of murders, frightening clues and connections are uncovered that lead Olivia to some shocking revelations.


But there's no new Grimm on NBC, maybe because they just couldn't face going head to head with A Gifted Man.

At 10 PM, Syfy has a new (to Americans) episode of Merlin, "The Secret Sharer."

Also at 10 PM, there's a brand new Ancient Aliens, "The Doomsday Prophecies." That sounds pretty promising, actually.


A third option at 10 PM: another episode of the porn-epic Spartacus: Vengeance on Starz.

At 11 PM, G4 has a new (to Americans) episode of Blade Anime, "Bad Blood."


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien airs at 9 AM on Cartoon Network, with "Couples Retreat."

At 8:30 PM, The Hub has the season premiere of Transformers Prime, "Orion Pax Part 1." Apparently, Optimus Prime suffers from amnesia, and Megatron tricks him into joining the Decepticons. Because they're not called the "Straightforwardicons."

Also at 9 PM, BBC America has the season (and maybe series, if we're unlucky) finale of The Fades. Here's what's up:

The Fades have taken over the town and the balance has shifted from the living to the dead. Paul is the only one with the power to stop them, but he must choose his way or Neil's way... and the death of someone close to him will force him to decide.



Fox has its usual animation bloc starting at 7:30 PM, with The Cleveland Show, The Simpsons, Napoleon Dynamite, Family Guy and American Dad. This is the 500th (!) episode of The Simpsons. Here's what happens this time:

The Simpsons are evicted from Springfield and join an off-the-grid community outside of town. But when Homer and Marge try to sneak back into Springfield, they are welcomed with hostility from their former friends and neighbors and begin to appreciate their new and more accepting home.

ABC has a brand new Once Upon a Time at 8 PM, "What Happened to Frederick."

With their love for each other growing stronger, David finally agrees to tell Kathryn about his relationship with Mary Margaret and put an end to his loveless marriage. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, while runaway groom Prince Charming searches for Snow White, he agrees to aid Abigail on a dangerous mission to recover something precious that was lost to her

At 9 PM, there's a brand new episode of The Walking Dead, "Triggerfinger." In which:

Trapped, Rick, Hershel and Glenn fight to survive against new foes, both dead and alive. Shane finds Lori in danger on the road and makes it his mission to bring her back to the farm.


And here's a sneak peek!

At 10 PM, there's another Comic Book Men on AMC. Are they still doing comic-book stuff? Tune in and find out. And AMC has a new Finding Bigfoot.


And finally, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim has a new China, IL at midnight, followed by a new Mary Shelley's Frankenhole on at 12:15 AM, "Jules Verne's Monster Rally Run!"

Sources: Futon Critic, MSN TV, TV Guide, and various TV studio press releases.



sammy baby

Does it seem to anyone that in the last couple of seasons, Fringe episodes have gotten less... gross?

I mean, really, it used to be every other episode featured a genetically engineered virus that turned your flesh into translucent, pulsating goo. Now, they can barely manage to show a clip of some white smoke and some people screaming before they cut away.