This Wireless Keyboard Contraption Brings Your Desktop to Your Lap

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Anyone who tries to play PC games on their TV inevitably runs into the same problem: What do you do with that damn keyboard and mouse? Roccat has a clever if not super elegant solution. Just put an entire desk-top on your lap.


You could do that with a normal keyboard, sure, but Roccat's new SOVA (get it? Sofa but with a V) doesn't just give you a wireless keyboard with Cherry MX switches. No no. It also includes a mousepad bolted onto the side, one that can turn your wired gaming mouse into a wireless one (hopefully without lag) if you just plug it in. There's also a battery pack to power both (hopefully at least for a good four or five hours), and all of that sits on top of a cushy made-for-sittin'-on-your-legs bottom.

It's a much more brute-force solution to couch-PC gaming than something like Valve's new Steam controllers, but it's virtually guaranteed to get the job done. Other folks have tried to bring the desk to the lap before, but it's never looked quite this slick, even if the SOVA isn't something you'd want to leave hanging out on your coffee table.

No word on price or availability so far, but it could be a decent solution to every living room PC owner's biggest annoyance. You know, besides "a controller." [Roccat]


I like it... but... why no arrow keys?