Those Humungous American Flags at Football Stadiums Weigh 1,100 Pounds and Cost $50,000 to Make

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If you watched football this past weekend, you probably noticed the gigantic, humungous, out of this world American flag that covered the entire football field before each game. Where the heck do they come from?

From one lady. Well, technically. It turns out Amy Barnett from 50 Star Productions, an event production company, just so happens to specialize in such oversized items and she loaned all of her biggest Stars and Stripes to NFL teams for opening weekend (she works with football teams throughout the year). Those flags are 150 feet by 300 feet long—it's pretty much the entire football field, goal line to goal line.

1,100 pounds of freedom fabric and $50,000 of red white and blue, the oversized flags typically takes an entire month to make. When presented on the field, around 150 people are needed to hold the thing. It's a lot of work! The flag also costs the teams $6,200 to rent each time but it's well worth it, those things are absolutely beautiful. [CNBC, Image Credit: AP]