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Threadless Testing Vending Machines For Those Who Still Don't Shop Online

Illustration for article titled Threadless Testing Vending Machines For Those Who Still Dont Shop Online

It's one of the most popular online t-shirt stores, but just in time for the start of the holiday shopping rush Threadless is testing a small number of vending machines throughout its hometown of Chicago.


The company, known for its hip, pop-culture inspired designs, teamed up with Coinstar to create the automated t-shirt kiosks which also sell hoodies, totes, water bottles and infant onesies. Now installed in four pilot locations including shopping malls and grocery stores, the selection of tees offered at the machines is of course limited, at least compared to the expansive variety available on their site, but customers will still have their choice of sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

For the time being Threadless has no plans to roll out similar kiosks across the country, most likely because they'd need to first have the infrastructure in place to keep them stocked. But they seem like a good way to familiarize people who don't shop online with the brand, even if their designs really only appeal to a market that's already internet savvy. If they're successul, maybe other online stores will also venture into this brave new world of selling their goods, in person, to the consumer. [Chicagoist via Coudal]


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At first I thought this was an automated printing thing, which would be more interesting (and which might allow you to bring your own graphics).