Illustration for article titled Throwing a Giant Gamepad Pillow When You Lose Is Safer For Your Walls

Even if you're the most well-mannered human being the rest of the time, your inner raging Hulk probably comes out whenever there's a video game controller in your hand. And the next time you're sniped by a cowardly camper, or put that straight Tetris piece in the wrong place, try throwing this soft Gamer Pillow at the wall, instead of your expensive game controller.

Made from polyester and filled with polystyrene micro beads, this controller will do far less damage to your wall or TV than the real thing that's made from hard plastic packed full of expensive electronics. And if it does break apart, it's just $26 to replace it, plus a few minutes of vacuuming to hide the scene of the crime. [Perpetual Kid via Holycool]


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