Tim Cook Says Surface Is a Dumb Idea*

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*Not verbatim, but pretty much. During Apple's quarterly earnings call, Cook just dissed Microsoft's new kinda-tablet-kinda-computer thing. "I suppose you could design a car that flies and floats," Mr. Cook quipped. That's sarcasm. Mean, corporate sarcasm!


Cook also referred to the device as "compromised" and "confusing" when asked by an investor what he thought of the competition—which, generally speaking, isn't wrong. Is this better than the last time he insulted hybrid PC devices by comparing them to a toaster-plus-fridge? Would you actually buy a car that flies and floats? Discuss.


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Sam Biddle

My favorite part of that call was Cook saying Apple would "never" make a 7-inch tablet because they're all bad, but a 7.9-inch iPad mini is A-OK.