Time Lapse Video Catches a Man Walking Very, Very Slowly

A YouTube user set up a time-lapse video in downtown Los Angeles in hopes of capturing something cool. Instead, he found this guy who weirdly walks at a snail's pace. The video is actually five minutes of real time. Slow rollin' [The Daily What via Geekosystem]


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i found this hilarious, mostly because i didn't read the article before i watched the video, upon watching it i realized where it was, my block. you see this isn't odd, it's 2 blocks from actual SKID ROW, full of crazies in the streets at all times, just driving around is dangerous because there are constantly a barrage of homeless people milling around.. and yes, it's not really funny, it's ANNOYING, i'm not kidding you, you can't walk a block without wading through human shit and piss and people begging you for money on every corner, it's almost like a zombie movie, with 0 exaggeration, this guy is mild.