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Time Warner Cable Not Supporting TiVo Series3 Units With CableCard?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This bit of strange news came in via PVRBlog today. Apparently a user at Consumer Fury emailed Time Warner to see whether they will be providing Cablecard support for the upcoming TiVo Series 3 boxes. TW's answer?

Time Warner Cable of Raleigh does not provide support for or allow TIVO devices on our cable network. Time Warner Cable provides DVR service and equipment for customers that would like to record programs and watch them later. Cable Cards will only be installed on Cable ready, Cable Card slot available television sets. This policy is subject to change at the discretion of Time Warner Cable of Raleigh.


Strange, but possibly just a low level tech guy not knowing their policies. But then a followup query resulted in this response, after the jump:

Thank you for your inquiry. You have reached the right person. No cable company is required to provide technical support or updates for equipment that they do not provide. As Time Warner's email response indicated, TIVO devices compete with some of the converters and/or "on-demand" type services they provide. Like all other businesses, video service providers are under no obligation to assist or support their competition.

They can choose to place addressable or updateable service cards in "cable ready" televisions. They most likely do so because it enables them to sell additional video services, and they do not compete for the sale, rental or leasing of televisions. I'm sure they feel that placing cards in televisions will help their business, and that placing them in TIVO type devices will harm their business.


We'll wait and see what their final stance on Series 3 boxes are when they're actually out.

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