Seeing as how we have the greatest technical minds of our generation reading Gizmodo every day, let me ask you all a question to see if someone has come up against this. I just got a Time Warner HD box, the Pioneer Voyager and I have the following setup:

- a COMPONENT HD cable hooked up to Video In 1 on the TV
- a Standard Definition S-Video OR Yellow RCA cable that can go to a TiVo and BACK to Video In 2 on the TV

I want to be able to watch HD stuff on Video 1, when the mood strikes, and watch and record, in standard video, on the TiVo. HOWEVER, I'm not getting anything out to the TiVo. It seems that the Time Warner HD box doesn't output correctly to the TiVo, unless I'm missing something. Has anyone seen this before? Or am I SOL?


If you have any ideas, drop me a line at johnb at gizmodo dot com with the subject line "WHERE'S MY HD TIVO" and we'll get you a comments invite for your trouble.

UPDATE - Problem solved. Looks like it was a sensing issue on both the box and the TiVo, which many of you suggested. It's very frustrating to see these things happen, especially with closed boxes with little, if any, debugging information. If it took me eight hours the Gizmodo brain trust to figure this out, there must be people out there who have been crying for three years because of things like this.

Again, thanks for the help.