Time Warner Can't Wait for Apple to Build a TV

Apple's longed-for à la carte channels-as-apps TV is proving remarkably slow to arrive. But Time Warner's CEO, Jeff Bewkes, can't wait to get one.


It seems a little unusual that the head honcho of a cable TV company would be so keen to get his hands on Cook and co's competition—but he is. Speaking at a Business Insider conference, Bewkes explained:

"I hope they do [make a TV]… Apple is a great device company... they bring good interface and navigation skills."

Of course, Time Warner is rumored to be in advanced talks with Apple about content. That doesn't mean that Apple's TV will necessarily prove to be the pinacle of entertainment, though: there are rumblings which suggest that, while Time Warner is working with Apple to create a new user interface, the resulting tech may boil down to nothing more than a dumb cable box disguised in a well-designed package. We'll have to wait—perhaps a lot longer, still—to find out. [Business Insider via Verge]


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